Monday, July 2, 2012

Tour de Fleece - Day Three

Today was a lesson in spinning with distractions, not that I'm complaining!

I had the daughter of a friend over to meet the Hedgie after work. Luckily mine has no idea it's supposed to be nocturnal, and so she was more than willing to be handled for a while before burrowing back into her little sack.
After that it was snoozing away, and while she was 'doing her art' I decided to do my spinning for the day. There was a lot of setting down and picking back up while I stopped to get crayons, ribbons, the fancy scissors etc etc so I have absolutely no idea how much time I spent actually spinning. I think all of that stop and go might have been why I was running a bit more thick and thin too, but not to the point it won't be knitable so I'm not too worried. Overall I'm happy with my progress

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