Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another project complete!

Which puts me down to 7 WIPs ... For now.

Hovering around 8 works in progress is better than a dozen though, right?


My latest finish is third pair of socks.

The pattern is Cyranea by Patti Waters (available on Rav here but I received the whole ebook from Hot Pink Socks reviews) The pattern is great. Easy enough to memorize after a couple of repeats but with enough going on to keep it interesting. The perfect combination in my book. The fit is perfect. That was something I worried about with only one size being given, but the lace and cables give it a lot of stretch. These socks would fit a whole range of sizes.

The yarn? Less of a joy. As in terrible to work with, but too pretty to just give up on. Not a good combination! It shows of the pattern well, but was splitty as hell. Even worse the core in the middle that's supposed to give it strength and stretch is not dyed so you really don't want it peeking through. The yarn was Walk Away sock yarn. Yarn Bee (from Hobby Lobby) makes some great yarns, but this just is not one of them.


My next pair of socks (which I already started planning half way through this pair!) is going to use some of my 'nice yarn' squirreled away in my stash. I think I've earned it, and I'm confident enough with sock knitting now that I'm not worried I'll "ruin" it

This is the skein of Cascade Heritage Paints that BF bought me last year. It hopes to become a lovely pair of Blue Day socks by Moonfire Handknits when I'm done.


Sooooo I guess that'll put me back at 8 WIPs (oops?)


Friday, September 7, 2012

So much for WIP only...

So I had the best of intentions when it came to my plans on going WIP only for my knitting until the end of August...No really! I did! Unfortunately I didn't quite make it. While I made some progress on them (even finished a couple) I couldn't stick with it. The procrastination bug has bit me, and HARD. More evidence is the fact I'm making this post well I to September instead of the first.

The first little hiccup was my tiny gnome. Just one little project, done almost as quickly as it was started. Cute too (if I do say so myself, and this being my blog why shouldn't I?)

I'm not sure if he really counts as cheating, because he is part of my KaFS scene. That is a WIP, and a major one. He was a gateway project to more cheating though.


Before I knew it I was thinking about all the Christmas knitting I hadn't started yet. With the nieces' big present being for their birthdays instead, that does cut down on what I'm making but I still have a list. In theory it will be a quickish list with most of the projects being smaller BUT ... Well look how good I am at plans! Even small projects take time when you have a bunch of them. The thought of putting them off longer started to stress me out, so...

First present up - the bear for Rochelle. It's her current favorite animal, and so she's getting this toy along with a bear themed book or two.

I've finished knitting the main body/head piece, finished the face, stuffed it and added the ears all within a few days.


The legs are knit, but not stuffed and attached. I just started knitting the arms. Once I've finished I'll take a better picture to post.


Next will either be a Tangram puzzle (two people are getting those) or maybe doll clothes for Sharee (she's getting doll things - a knit outfit along with some sneakers I bought)

I know I should have stuck with my WIPs a little longer, but I have to admit just making the list did make me feel a little better. I figure if I stick to one present at a time, and still plug away at the the other projects I'll eventually catch up.


I have managed to resist the biggest temptation of all - pretty shiny new lace yarn. Courtesy of one of the awesome members of the Sherlocked Team on Rav who sponsored the prize and picked me. THIS I'm dying to use. I really want a floaty bright lace scarf.

I'm holding strong for now, but I can't promise how long I'll be able to hold out!



Now for a few things I did get done-

Two more squares on the Sherlock Blanket

First up was the Black Lotus Square. Really fun lace square, looks much better in person

With its inspiration

Inspiration pic = gratuitous reposting of series images
Inspiration pic = gratuitous reporting of series images
And then the square for (yet another, because I love them so) John Watson jumper. This pattern was actually from the very first month, but at the time I was missing black yarn. It's nice to have finally taken the time to catch up and knit it. I still need to weave in the ends for all those stripes, but I'm saving that for when I need something mindless to work on (like when at peewee football games for BF's nephew)







I've done a couple other things, but since they are mostly small (and this post has waited long enough!) I figure I can always update on them later.