Monday, July 9, 2012

TDF - updated Day 9 and Day 10

Okay, so this should have been my *real* progress shot for yesterday, since I went back for another hour of spinning last night

Good news, bad news. 
Bad news -  You know how I was thinking I had a 1oz spindle? Turns out my spindle is actually .89oz, so I ended up spinning more than I needed to on the second round.
Good news is that means I went over, instead of under. 

Even better news is that I'm ready to try plying!

I'm going to pretend Henrietta is cheering me on for such good progress
(but really this is just how she looks when she's eating)

Okay, on to Monday (day 10) - 

The yarn is all plied up, and daaaaaaaamn did that spindle get full! 

I started out wishing I had spun the singles for longer, but I honestly don't think I could have fit much more on there. 
I ended up with 30.5 yards of (basically) bulky weight. To go any further I would need thinner singles or a bigger spindle. I'm going to work towards consistently thinner singles. 

The yarn is currently hanging to dry. 
Tomorrow ... which autocorrected to 'To Oreos' is that a sign? Mmmmmm Oreos cough Moving on!
TOMORROW (there, I spelled it properly) is a rest day for the Tour, so no spinning scheduled. Doesn't mean I can't sneak an ounce in if I want, but my only plans are to twist my skein into a tidy little hank and do some knitting. 
Oh, and tackle Mt Laundry, but I'm pretty sure you don't care about that so much.

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