Sunday, July 8, 2012

TDF Days 8 & 9 and a Mystery Update

Saturday first - I've taken the BFL I've spun so far off the spindle, and put it on an empty paper roll (part of my super classy DIY lazy Kate) Then I started spinning more of the same, so I'll be able to ply it.

And today was just continuing on with the same

I think that after tomorrow's spinning I should have the amount I need to ply. Only problem now is that I'm wishing I had weighed my spindle before I'd started. I know they said it was an ounce when I bought it, but I've never actually checked for myself. I'm hoping they were right, because I need to get close as possible to a match to what I've already spun. 


Thanks to the hot weather making the air conditioned living room THE place to be, I also (finally) finished my knitting on clue 3 for the mystery toy KAL, this one was the head

I've cast on for the tail, but don't have any real progress to show for it yet so no photo yet. Of course, if the heat keeps up it might be done sooner rather than later!

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