Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day Four of the Tour

Once again, I forgot to note my spinning time, I know it's well over the ten minutes so I guess it doesn't matter so much. Today I was into the cream colored section. 

The more full my spindle got, the harder it was to control so I decided to break the yarn and "finish" what I've done so far. 

Well, that was part of my reasoning. I also really want to try spinning something thin enough that I can attempt plying without making super bulky yarn and I want to spin the BFL some too. 

Since I only have the one spindle, I had finish what I've done in these first four days. This meant I finally got to use the PVC niddy noddy i badgered my BF into making for me. It did take a few views of the YouTube vids, but I think I used it properly. Before today it's sole use was whacking unexpecting visitors in the head when they tried to reach the craft books off the shelf. Being used to actually make a skein was a new experience.

I ended up with almost 17 yards. Not a huge amount, but more than I've spun before now without breaking. Thinking about it as almost half what I need for a cup cozy makes it sound better.

I just keep telling myself practice practice practice and then my speed is bound to improve...I hope. Four yards a day seems sooooo slow!

The main consolation is that this yarn is so pretty-shiny-soft-beautiful.
Here's a close up of it hanging up to dry. 

(Mini-skein glamour shot to follow in the next couple days)

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