Friday, July 20, 2012

Tour de Fleece Day 21

The second ply of the Corriedale is finally spun. It's not as even as the first, but hopefully it will work. 

Tomorrow is plying, and for better or worse I'll know!

And, thanks to my Paradise fiber order arriving today, I can spend my last day of the tour (Sunday) trying Kool-aid dying for the first time. 

They had 1lb of Shetland wool on sale for less than $15, which I though was pretty great. First thing I did was split the fiber up into 4oz sections

Here's my KA stash, I'm thinking blue and green for my first try

There was an extra half ounce of wool. What to do, what to do? I feel like I must waste it doing something inadvisable...I wonder what espresso would do to fiber? I know it has colored the hell out of every white shirt I've ever worn to work. Hmmmm

I couldn't resist getting some yarn too, especially since it was my favorite pink and a good deal (gotta love coupon codes!)
It's a new summer sock yarn from HiKoo (skacel) - a cotton, bamboo and silk blend with nylon called CoBaSi-

The color is so much better than I've managed to capture here. The yarn is also very soft and has a great texture. The only thing that worries me is that ,at least at the ends, it seems kind of splitty. I'm hoping this won't be an issue when I knit with it. I have a few pairs I want to finish before I get to whatever I decide to make with this, so hopefully the added experience under my belt will make it a nonissue. I hope so, because I really love the feel of this yarn!

I don't normally like to buy yarns I haven't seen in person online, but I liked Simplicity so much I took a chance. Simplicity was the super wash wool/acrylic blend they make, and I had used it for Charlotte's latest dog sweater. It was great to knit with and has held up incredibly well.

Because it is knitting related I can be excused for a puppy picture, right?

Awww she looks so little... And angry... But mostly cute

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