Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another week in review

First the spinning - Tour de Fleece week two 

Last Saturday and Sunday were almost a blur of spinning. I'd set the spindle down, and take my pic of the day, only to pick it back up and spin more next time I walked through the craft room. By the end of the weekend I'd spun my second single (actually a bit more than I needed due to me not realizing my spindle weighs less than an ounce, Oopsie)
 the major sections of spinning I did over the weekend 
This set me up for plying on Monday. It wasn't as difficult as I'd imagined, but would have been easier still if I had a larger spindle to work with. I know I over spun in a few sections, but overall I think I did good. I ended up with 30.5 yards of (basically) bulky weight.

And in case you missed me yelling in excitement a few days ago, here's a picture of the smooshtastic finished yarn -

After that, I went back to spinning the merino/tencel blend. I had originally thought to try and ply that as well, but my mood and the fiber just weren't cooperating to spin finely enough so I changed gears and decided to just spin the rest of the single I need for my cup cozy. Here's the progress from Wednesday through Friday

Since making this post up took me forever, I've already done my spinning for today too

I haven't taken it off the spindle yet, but I'm guessing I should have enough now. At any rate, I couldn't fit more on the spindle, I already had to resort to creative winding.

Now for some shopping
(since I so rarely get to go with money in my hand, I consider going to the craft store newsworthy) 

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby with three very specific things in mind
1. Polymer clay for when I have my friend's daughter over next Saturday. She was so excited over the beads I made her a few weeks ago, I promised she could try to make something when she came over next time. I only have translucent white, a bit of glow in the dark and brown. I figured a few primary colors would make her happier
2. Some more bobbins. I have a couple intarsia blocks on the Sherlock blanket waiting, and all mine are tied up holding yarn for my beekeepers quilt. Very handy for grabbing the yarn to knit on the go, not so good when you realize you only have one free bobbin left!
3. Lion brand Bon Bons. I want this yarn so bad. It would be perfect for a bunch of the little toys and doll clothes I have in my queue. So many of the colors are ones I need just a little of and I don't want full skeins. Plus I think the metallics would be awesome for accents.

You might think with such a well thought out and short list I'd have no problem, right? Weeeeeeeell ... I only ended up with one of the things on the list, and still had a bag of goodies. I blame them being in the middle of stock change and the sales. Can't possibly be my fault. At least nearly all of it was stuff I did need, but just hadn't made my short list. That has to count for something. And I barely hit $30, so it wasn't *so* bad a spending spree.

What I ended up with

1. Nice sized set of colors for the Sculpey. Only cost me $6 after my 40% off coupon, score!

2. Black and purple yarn to make a Dalek hat. I am adding it to my Ravel*****s goals (you get the stars because we can't have the Olympics suing us for hurting athletes' feelings and because I can never seem to remember the new name) I know I needed a third project like a hole in the head, but I kept thinking about this hat and I really really want it. Especially when I saw the perfect Sherlock purple in the right weight. Let's hear it for fandom mashing :)

That's a sexy purple! Which is probably the wrong thing to say about a something being sold as baby yarn...

3. Monkey cotton!! I was so excited to see the skeins of this. I was worried I'd run out on the sock monkey I'm making for BFs nephew, and I had been wishing I could make one to keep. They haven't had it in stock since I bought that one skein, and with it not even being listed in the Rav database I was thinking it was only a limited deal. When I saw it sitting on the shelf I grabbed the only two brown they had, and one of the reds. They actually had quite a few of the red, but it's the brown I really like.

4. Some random pretty blue cotton with no purpose yet. Something for the kitchen, but I'm not sure exactly. It was just too pretty to leave there.

5. Size 8 dpns. These should have been on my list, because I need them to do the arms on my cardi. I just keep forgetting. Luckily I saw them on sale and my brain clicked!

Why did I have list!fail? (other than the pretty shiny things distracting me that is)
Well, they didn't have any bobbins, other than the cardboard floss ones. Kind of a bummer. No mini skeins (the bon bons) either, but they did have a big empty spot where they normally stock kits and such, so I have a feeling their expecting them soon. Either that or they specifically waited until after my visit to stock them. I've also checked two walmarts for them, without luck. I'll find them though, eventually.

Mystery Toy KAL progress  

It has a tail, still no ears. 
Getting closer to finishing, but it's looking like I'll take two months to do a one month project. It is going to be really cute when I'm done, so it's worth the wait. I'll get there!

Finally, I knit a couple more hexi-flats for my beekeeper's quilt 
I'm up to a whopping total of ten. Slow going when they're only used as car projects for long trips and in extreme cases of startitis (and that one I did to celebrate plying my first yarn)

Excuse the loose ends and the fact they have no real arrangement, all the pics will probably look like this until I have a few dozen. I figure it will take at least that long for me to have a better idea about what look I want to go for. 

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