Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TDF Day 17 and the Rest Day that wasn't (Day 18)

I had such unreliable Internet yesterday (high winds and Tstorms) that I couldn't even get blogger to load. I normally love storms, but this time it was kind of a downer. I had just finished winding my second attempt at spinning the Merino/Tencel into its hank, and I was dying to show off. Luckily the weather was much more cooperative today -

Isn't it so pretty?!?!

Until now I've had trouble noticing any significant change in my spinning, but when I put the first mini skein in front of the one I just finished in the same fiber I can. It looks like (to me anyway) I have gotten finer, more even and better twist.  

I think this is a really good amount of progress for just a couple weeks of practice!

Yesterday was also my second day of mixing the eggplant and gray Corriedale. I'm enjoying playing with the colors, and hoping I like it as much after its played with more of the same.

Today was meant to be a rest day, but I spun on. 

After hitting the .5oz mark, I wound it on a roll. Tomorrow I'll start on the second ply and hope to get that finished over the weekend. I can't believe the Tour is almost over, the time has gone so fast!

Why did I spin more on my rest day than I did the couple days previous? 
(see me pretend someone asked? Yeah, I have become the crazy lady who talks to herself)
I plan to have a slow spinning day later in the week, so I figured doing more today would make up for it. 

I ordered some undyed fiber over the weekend, and I know once it gets here I'm not going to be able to keep myself from experimenting with koolaid dying. I've been watching everyone else in my Tour group have great results (and fun!) with it, and I can't wait to have a go!

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