Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reason 134 Why My Craft Room Will Never Be Tidy

Remember when I said there was going to be a couple posts about my epic sized WIPs?

This is first one of them.

So there is this book called Knit a Fantasy Story, by Jan Messent. Ever since I heard about it, I knew I had to get my hands on a copy. It’s a toy pattern book from the late 80’s, so expect some cheesiness in the photos but it is very worth it. There's a section with a farmyard, a castle and then fantasy creatures. I have a thing for play sets with lots of pieces, and these toys look like a great gift idea.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tour de Fleece

Aka I'm such a joiner.

So it took some peer pressure, but I've started trying to get into spinning. I've probably not even spun an entire ounce yet (and I'm not very good) but I'm trying. I like the idea that i can take a bit of fluff and turning into yarn, then turn that yarn into 'stuff'

Makes me think that if I could master it that I would be awesome ├╝ber crafter girl.
More likely outcome is that I will mourn the loss of knitting time and give spinning up after a few months, but who knows? This is why I'm started out with just a couple fibers and a drop spindle, instead of massive amounts and a wheel. Well that reason and because I seem to have lost the money tree that was going to allow me to buy all the things I want (maybe I shouldn't have forgotten to water the side yard all last summer)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Giant WIP Post of Doom

I was originally going to call this The Giant WIP Post of Shame, but I'm not really ashamed of my projects. I will admit that there are a ton of them though.

-Since it's been so long since I've done any type of blog post I'm really (really!) out of practice with formatting and links and images and whatnot, so if something's not working let me know and I'll try to fix it. We aren't going to talk about how many edits it took me to get it this readable. (and apparently html links don't work here? or under my settings? eek!)

How did I get here? And why am I in this handbasket?

I started out with a mostly fandom blog on Livejournal, then moved more towards Dreamwidth once LJ started giving me problems. Since most of my posts are more about crafting, knitting most of all, than anything fandom or personal I wanted a blog specifically for that. So (for now anyway) all my crafty-type entries are getting cross posted to here.
What else do you need to know about me?
I love to start projects, lots and lots of projects, but I'm not so great at finishing them.
I tend more towards the silly than the serious, and even though I say I'm not really 'in fandom' right now there are a bunch of my projects that might make me look like a liar - Stay tuned for my massive Sherlock blanket project.