Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TDF Day 12

Today I've got a serious case of the grumps, and I think it's 91% to blame on the heat. I'm just not made well to deal with it. Blerg. 

Suprise surprise - feeling hot, sticky, tired and irritable is not actually a good combination when spinning. Like I said, surprise surprise. 

I gave it a good effort, but after realizing I was getting more thick and thin spots instead of less (and dropping my spindle twice, the bad drop where you drop it fiber and all) I decided to call it a day. 

Here's my sad sad little progress

Just reminding myself that (unlike the Tour itself) spinning is not a race and that I can try to do better tomorrow. It's better to slow down and get the results I want, than to try and power through.

Instead I spend the rest of my afternoon playing with our herd. I know I said this blog was for my crafty stuff, but surely a couple more animal pictures won't bring the Internet crashing down...will it?
I suppose I could be kind and put it behind a cut...if only I knew how to do that from the iPad. No cool icon button thing like when I use the laptop.

Sadly, Charlotte seemed more interested in laying in the sunny spot of the room than playing. Like it isn't not enough, without sitting directly in the sun.

She is clearly deranged.

Sadie played fetch for awhile, but then turned her attention back the Henrietta. The Hedgie gets over half her attention these days, since she's new.

This picture is from the other day, but Sadie does basically the same sit and stare every time Henrietta is out.

I finally let them get close enough together that Sadie could sniff her though, so maybe that will change. She didn't care for the prickles on her nose and quickly wandered off after that to chew on her duck toy.

Snack time for Henrietta, and today was bell pepper bits. Nom nom nom!

We can add those to the list of things that make her anoint along with the sugar snap peas from yesterday.

For anyone who doesn't know what anointing is, it's when your hedgehog plays pretend that it is both rabid and having a seizure by foaming at the mouth and then twitching all around trying to cover itself in said foam. 

It's a bit gross, but totally normal with new scents they go crazy for. It's also kind of freaky, and would have been terrifying if I hadn't read up on hedgies and known to expect it before getting one.

The foaming contortionist herself

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