Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tdf Day 23- the final day

My Corriedale color mixing experiment is done, plied and currently drying.

The top picture is the beautiful mess it was on the spindle, and the bottom is of it hanging to dry.

I had a grrrrr making break in the middle, not sure what I did. I have a strong suspicion it was user error, and evidence that me watching tv while spinning is just not a good idea. Anyway, I ended up with one 27.5 yard section, and the other is 15.5 yards.

Holding off until that is finished to take my "finish line" photo. Even spinning every day except yesterday (including rest days) I am so slow I need that yarn to make it look like I actually *did* something. Maybe by next time I'll be ready to work on my speed?

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