Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flyby Update

Thinking I could post on any sort of schedule during the Ravellenic Games was crazy talk, total insanity.

Kind of like my goals, except they're the crazy I might be able to accomplish.

So far I have one sock done, in just four days. Well, I still have to sew the buttons on, but still that is great progress for me. The second sock just started the heel flap one row ago. I just realized I don't have a good picture of them uploaded and I'm running out of time before work. I'll be sure to get one before next post. The down side of all this non-stop knitting is that I no longer have time to share it all properly!

The Dalek hat is still in chart one, but making good progress. I plan to take it with me to knitting group tonight, and hopefully will get to the 2nd chart.

The tea cozy hasn't been started yet, but as long as I get it started by this weekend I'll be fine time wise.

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