Friday, August 3, 2012

Ravellenic Games – One week in

I’ve been knitting on these projects for a week now, so it’s update time. This time I’m posting with pictures, because that really helps with the showing off aspect of a craft blog.

Sock one is DONE!

Sock two is … less so

This one is taking a little longer, all because of one simple phrase:
“Work as for left sock, reversing all shaping”
I probably shouldn’t complain too much. I’m sure if I’d made loads of socks before now those instructions wouldn’t seem so hard, and I’d probably breeze through without a second thought. Unfortunately I’ve only knit one full pair of socks before, so it’s a little more thinking than I expected! I made one error, but it took me 20 rows to notice. My problem was just decreasing one stitch too early by a row, so it’s not enough to mess with the fit. Far more frustrating were the two times I dropped a stitch on accident. Managed to catch and fix both of those, luckily!

I am mere rows away from the decreases on the Dalek hat.

This pattern I LOVE!  Not only does the hat look awesome, even to people who have no clue what a Dalek is, but it is really well thought out to.  Excellent use of slipped stitches means that only a handful of rows at the top will have long floats. None of the rows before now have had them. NONE. This makes the colorwork so much quicker and easier, and the pattern is showing up wonderfully. It’s a shame winter is so far away, because I know I’m going to want to wear the hat just as soon as I’m finished!

And finally, I started the tea cozy. Just a small start, but at least I can say it’s now in progress.

I could say I started it yesterday because I felt bad about it being the only project I hadn’t worked on yet, but honestly? After dropping a stitch for the second time on that sock, I needed something to ease my shaky knitter’s confidence. Only thing difficult about this project is modifying it for my smallish teapot, and that really isn’t so hard at all.

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