Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is this what happens when your shopping cosplays?

I was going to do up a post about how amazingly awesome my BF is for helping me celebrate my last Saturday off before tourist season by road tripping to Spokane. A long drive when the main objective was just burgers and a yarn shop. Especially when he hadn't gotten much sleep the night before.

I was going to (probably bore you with my) play by play the great shopping experience I had at Paradise Fibers. How even though their website is fun to shop on, it doesn't hold a candle to the store. Would have made sure to mention how incredibly helpful the people were too. Not in that pushy way some shops have, but genuinely helpful. I might have said I wished I could have picked out an empty corner to live in, and never left.

I was going to go on about how glad I am that I've finally started to watch Warehouse 13, but wish I had started sooner so I'd be caught up in time for the new episodes. Also, I was going to say that having just finished season 3, I'm a little bit freaked out but beg any readers I might have not to spoilerize me anyway (even if I was going to beg ask them to tell me it will be alright)

I was going to end the post with more excuses why my WIPs aren't progressing, and show some new spinning pictures by way of explanation. Probably promise to do better next week, blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda

INSTEAD you get a post with this picture -

And me wondering if maybe Doctor Who has taken over my brain. In three different shops I ended up with TARDIS colored things. Buttons are there because they have two hearts, and I instantly loved and had to buy them. How Doctory are two hearted buttons?!


Now I did end up with other exciting Smushy-Fluffs, and I'll probably show them off later on (or at least when I start using them) but I know how bad I am when I procrastinate posting and I just had to share the mostly accidental themed shopping.


One last thing to share. Charlotte guilt tripping me -

I've been spinning more and more on the wheel, and one of our dogs isn't a fan. She's taken to exaggerated sighs and sulking over the loss of her lap time. I swear she still gets plenty of attention, don't let her pouts fool you!



  1. OMG! Those buttons!!

    Love the blue yarn too.

    *g* Awww poor RoryCharlotte.
    I've spun with the cat sitting on my lap. I've also had to fight off Dougall who sometimes sits just under the edge of the foot thinger so it scratches his back as I peddle.
    I have to keep telling Pip to move or I'll spin him up into the yarn. That's an art yarn all right *g*

    1. If you can spin while pet wrangling, you win! I am only so-so without trying to hold the little wiggly beasts. With them in my lap I'd be useless!