Monday, April 15, 2013

Introducing my newest time suck


As hard as I resisted getting sucked into it in the beginning, it has finally completely beaten me. I admit it - I'm a spinner.


She doesn't have a name yet, but I'm convinced the wheel needs one (as convinced as I am that it's a she)


In addition to missing a name, she's also missing a few other things, which I'm already looking into


The drive band was an easy fix, and I made one myself with some spare dishcloth cotton. Once I found out it was one long loop wrapped in a figure eight, and not two separate loops I was good to go.

This is my first time spinning on a wheel, so I figure I'm allowed a few dumb mistakes. Right?


Other easy fixes were the tie to the treadle being loose, along with the legs.

I kind of wanted to put a dab of glue in the legs, but in the back of my mind I as thinking someone had said that's not good to do...I can't remember who said it or why, but it's enough to make me hold off. I just push them together if they get separated while I'm moving it around.


There are six flyer hooks missing, and they will stay missing until I get out of town to Home Depot or Lowes. The local hardware store only had giant hooks or those safety cup hooks that have the latch.

I've managed to spin without them, but it would be much easier to fill a bobbin evenly without those hooks missing.


Speaking of the bobbin, I only have one. That is a shame, because unless I want to spend big bucks having one custom made (And even if I had them to spend, I don't!) Unfortunately it's got a couple of cracks too, but luckily BF can take care of that with some wood putty if I'll just stop spinning long enough to let him at it.

I'm kind of out of luck getting more of the oddly shaped things, so I'm thinking I'll just have to make do.

Tip from a fellow Raveller was to buy some plastic weaving bobbins, and use them and a drill to get the yarn off the wheel bobbin. It'll fit a Lazy Kate, and so I'll be able to ply. They're on my list for sure.


I really need to finish cleaning the wheel, but that falls under the whole making myself stop using it problem. Basically I cleaned most of the top half really well, but the legs and underside are still showing the layers of dust that comes from spending a few decades in the corner.


I know absolutely nothing about the maker of this wheel, or the age. I've taken pictures from different angles, and I'm going to post here and on some forum boards to see if anyone can give me a clue.


It had been purchased in 1979 as a decoration (that is the name and date on the bottom) which is why no one has any practical info on it. Soon after that she decided to go modern instead, and from then on the wheel was stored at her friend's house. BF saw it there when he was working, and knowing that I wanted a wheel (but am soooo far from having saved enough for the new ones I like) he made a deal and came home with it for me. (He's such a good guy!)

It might not have all the bells and whistles, but it works. I'm enjoying learning how to use it and the wheel should keep me occupied for a long time.

Since I haven't managed a single picture without some wool on it, that should give a clue about how much I like it :D

I spun small amounts with the different kinds of fluff I have stashed away, but the biggest amount was the Shetland wool I had dyed with onion skins

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, not too bad on the thick and thin. Even though the color might be a little on the yellow side, it is peachy enough that I think I should be able to get a nice looking small doll out of it.


I'm about 3/4 of the way done with my latest Sherlock blanket square, so I'm back at that and then I'll be spinning again. Maybe by then I'll have what I need to be able to try plying on the wheel.


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