Sunday, June 17, 2012

Putting the "a-long" back in "knit-a-long"

I love a good KAL, it's the reason I'm such a joiner when it comes to crafting. 

It is a great resource, especially if you're trying something new, to have a group (usually including the designer) that you can turn to if you have questions or problems. It's fun seeing how changing the yarn types and colors can make the exact same pattern turn out so incredibly different. Sometimes you get to knit patterns that haven't been released yet, or pay patterns for free which is always nice. And doesn't everyone having a built in audience who is just as interested in what you're doing as you are in their projects? 

The only problems with good KALs are that Rav has so many of them and I have little willpower to resist them. Not a really awful problem to have, except it's done some major adding to my WIP load. 

As of this month I am involved in 3 KALs. 

One, the hurricane hat I posted about, I already finished - go me! 

The second is a mystery toy KAL hosted by Oliver Boliver. The way it worked is that the first Monday of the month we got a clue, the first section of the pattern. We had a week to finish that and then the next clue came out the following Monday. It continues that way for the month, and by the end we should have all the pieces knit, and then we follow the directions to finish it up. 
The fun is in trying to guess what it is you're making, and then seeing how everyone's guesses compare to the finished animal.

Clue one was for the body, and I finished it really early in the week. I was super on the ball, so I spent a good part of the week glaring at a calendar and willing time to move faster so I could get the next clue.

Clue two was for the arms and legs. I started out strong with the first arm, but then life got in the way (like reading a book I've wanted to for a while and working on some neglected WIPs that were taunting me into giving them attention) Now it's Sunday night and I find myself short and arm and a leg, knowing the new clue will be up before I get up tomorrow. 

I was avoiding spoilers, and so avoiding the KAL thread and all the people posting what they'd already finished. But once I knew what the pieces looked like, I decided it was safe to check in. Turns out I'm not the only one behind, but I'm still going to buckle down. Seeing the cuteness (even without heads!) of all the projects that are ready for the next step has given me the push I needed to catch up. 

And what will I do once I catch up with this KAL? Catch up on the third one I'm in of course! That would be the Sherlock blanket KAL. A year (or more) long project which has yet to get the proper post it deserves. It will though, if I can just catch up...

I have a feeling that it'll take me longer than I'd like to get that post up, so here's a peek of where I am at with the blanket right now. Three squares behind, but still two ahead. Because I'm cool like that.


  1. omgwtflolbbqCumberbatch!
    Please let me know where the KAL for the Sherlock is so's I can play Catch-Up. Ravelry?

    1. The thread is here in the 221b group on ravelry ... Hopefully I linked that right, my old smart phone didn't make me feel dumb enough so I upgraded. I really need to turn this autocomplete off!