Saturday, August 31, 2013

Too Many Projects!


This is the post where I haul them all out of their bags, boxes and cubbies and see the ridiculous number of knitting projects I have going. I did think about linking to all the patterns, but then I'd be here for hours and never get any knitting done! If you want to know any any though, just drop a comment and I'll link you. Otherwise I will just promise to link better as they get their celebratory "all done!!!" posts.
Starting at the top left and working clockwise -
Beekeeper's Quilt - This one is no rush, and it's a good thing. I am perfectly content with the thought this may continue forever, as I will be accumulating scraps for just as long.
Cria Sweater - a recentish start, and one I do regularly put a few rows into. Wanting to be able to wear it is all the motivation I need to keep at it, but I could keep at it a little more often and with some more speed.
Winter Twilight fingerless gloves - I really want to wear these too, so why do I never want to work on them?? It's a mystery. I have only most of one finished, hoping maybe once it gets cold again that will motivate me. Since I insist on keeping both my hands, I will need to get knitting on a second one eventually.
Blanket of Unusual Size - I go in spurts on this one, from lots of work to neglecting horribly. I don't think it helps that being a circular blanket that the rows keep getting longer. I also only work on it during cold weather, because a balled up blanket on the lap is just not pleasant in the heat! I expect this will make it's way back into rotation around November.
My poor first real embroidery project - I found it good for when helping Bfs nephew with homework, because I could put it down and not worry about my place. I just don't seem to touch it other than then. School has started back up though, so before long it might be called back into service!
The Sherlock Blanket - No real end in sight on this project, especially with a new season coming. I imagine there will be even more square ideas to join what I've done so far! I would like to have another few of the already designed ones done though, especially the "Beeeeees" one I started ages ago.
Two bags with two projects that I still can't talk about because of Secrets - They should be finished, but are only half done. Shame on me! One will for sure make it to fully complete, the other I'm just not quite sure aout practicality-wise. And that's all I can say about them, because Secrets.
Double knit trivet - Having a different design on both sides sounded incredibly cool. The reality of keeping it all straight in my head? Less cool. Saving this for when I have some seriously good focus!
Tiny Octopus - I forgot all about this guy. I don't even know when I started it, because I never even made a project page. He only has one tentacle, so it's barely a start as it is. Save him for my next bout of startitis?
Towel - Larger version of the granny's fav dishcloth, to go with the two of those I finished. They were going to be a gift, but I thought better of it. Now they sit waiting for a new intended home and then I'll finish. Probably.
Hoodie vest - You'd think a sleeveless sweater with bulky yarn would be a no-time-flat project. You would be wrong.
Lace scarf - Just knitting till I'm out of yarn on this one, almost there. A few good days of knitting, and I'll be done. Then will come the magic of blocking.
Baby booties - For BFs great niece - he hates when I call her that, because it makes him feel old - Surprise gift that won't fit her until closer to winter like the sweater I gave her. I don't need to put a rush on it, but since I'm so close I will. Plus that baby's mom has shown herself quite knitworthy (so many times she and Bfs nephew have brought up that sweater and thanked me!) and I want to see how much she likes them :D
Blue day sock KAL - except mine are Green Day Socks (heee!) - I had started these last year, and through no fault of their own they got derailed by those secret bags. Picked them back up, and apparently my feet shrunk a little (IDEK it's weird) soooo I'm starting over with the support of a group knit along.
The last three projects currently have top priority. Some of the others are back to hang out in the time-out-hamper and a couple are in line for next-of-importance.
The only queue jumpers I'm anticipating are the two hats that a coworker commissioned me to make. The deadline isn't until Christmas, but I have no intention of putting them off and ending up stressed and rushed at the last minute. I do enough of that as it is! As soon as the yarn arrives, I'll be casting on the first of them.
OH! And while they, like the embroidery, are not technically knitting I also have those two playmates going still. Can't forget about them (no matter how hard I sometimes try. They almost didn't make this post!)
Mine to keep is STILL missing the pond and a couple fields. The giant one for gifting is missing ... Just about everything. Eek! The chances of a Christmas finish there are NOT looking good. Not for the mat, and definitely not for all the buildings/people/animals that go with it. I miiiiiight have gotten in over my head in this one.


Now that I've totally freaked myself out over how much I have in the works, I'm off to actually accomplish something. Or at least try!



  1. Never enough projects!! The playmat is really cool too! I could never do something like that.

  2. You are MORE than creative enough to pull off a playmat like that, don't sell yourself short! Just think - you could make a tiny town and film Clutch tramping though it like a giant :)