Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm still alive! (Mostly)

My blog is approaching ghost town status, but I promise I haven't abandoned ship entirely! I just haven't accomplished anything much lately. Not much worth sharing anyhow.


Things have been stressful (way way so) lately. From BF setting himself on fire - Seriously, on fire. His burns healed fine, but did more damage trying to stop drop and roll. Still unsure how bad his knee is - to some news that has set us on a househunt again - Anyone who has ever bought a house can imagine how much fun THAT is, but with a huge surprise rent hike we have to try - Plus some other "fun" stuff thrown in, ugh. Now I'm not one of those who turned uber creative or productive when stressed either. I tend to burrow onto the the couch, wish for sleep but instead play mindless games (plants vs zombies, anyone?) for hours on end.


Yeah, I know this is a crafting blog and not woe-is-me central, but I did want to give a little explanation where I've been and what I haven't been doing. Anyhow, I need to get back at it and snap myself out of this funk.

While I can't control all the stressors in my life, I will plug away at the issues I can and distract myself with great projects in the meantime.


I've picked a couple of my WIPs back up, and will follow up with some pics as I make more progress. It is looking about time for another Giant WIP Post of "Shame" so look for that in the next week!

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