Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This is not a real post (okay maybe it is)

Mostly it is just an excuse to show off this picture
(and to share what I've learned in the taking of it)

You see, last night I had myself a nice little freak out.
I realized that not only was there less than a week left of the Tour De Fleece but I was going to be missing the last day. I mean, I did already know that, but I didn't know it.

My original goal for the Tour was to spin the entire 8oz of Potluck Roving. In what can only be described as a fit of optimistic insanity, I later decided add spinning the 4oz of Corriedale too. What can I say, I was swayed by the colors.
I have spun the full 4oz of the Corriedale, but less than 5oz of the Potluck Domestic.

With over 3oz of that grey left to spin and then ply, I realized there is almost no way I could finish in time. Not with working every day through Saturday. Not with Sunday being spent out of town, from 5am till who-only-knows pm.
And all the sudden, my head turned Sunday from something to look forward too, into a stressful lack of spinning time to keep me from my goal.
And that's pretty messed up.
Why? Because that trip on Sunday is meant to be exciting!

It's girls trip with a couple friends that's been planned for a while. Letting me go to Seattle for fun, instead of only going there in a rush to catch a plane.
For the first time I'll actually get to go to The Market - which I've wanted to do for years - AND we're going to the EMP Museum, where I'll get to see the fantasy exhibit.

And that head of mine was making me try and regret this because I might not reach a self imposed goal with absolutely no consequence? Why head, why?!?!
This trip should be fun. It will be fun.

Yes, crafting is fun.
Yes, a little self imposed competition can be fun.
No, it should not stop me from enjoying the day to day. It shouldn't cause me stress, because that sucks the fun out of it.
After all, I can spin any day (and usually do) but how often do I road trip with friends to the city? Never! This is a very cool thing.

I took the pictures at the top of this post for my daily progress post on Ravelry, and I realized something. I have gotten a lot done. A LOT. There is already about a half a pound of finer there. I'm spinning fibers I haven't before, working with colors in new ways. I'm spinning on a wheel, when a few months ago I had never even touched one. I learned to spin by watching YouTube for Pete's sake.

And I'm getting down on myself? Why?!?
I have spun this beautiful yarn that I'm proud of. Am I going to dismiss all that I've done because a couple ounces might be spun a day or two later than I planned? That's just crazy talk.
I have awesome friends. Sunday is also their only day off work, and we're going to spend it together doing stuff I really wanted to do. I'll get to go new places, see cool things and hang out with these great people. This is a recipe for a great day, and I can't wait.

There is absolutely no reason to let the Tour stress me out and since convincing myself of this today has been a much better day. That's why I took that picture up there, to remind myself of all I accomplished in a couple short weeks (6 day work weeks at that!) I've done pretty damn good!

So what am I going to do with this new found wisdom? I'm going to sit here and sip on my lemonade and spin when I have the free time.
Maybe I'll finish on time, maybe I won't... Okay probably I won't, and that's fine!

The Tour is meant to be fun, and I just had to remind myself of that.
There are no spinning police monitoring the finish line, and even if they were I could tell them to hush because I'm spinning even more than that initial 8oz goal. Technically I'm not a slacker I'm an over-achiever. It's just a change up of fluff.

The most important thing is that I will remember to enjoy myself, not just in my craft room but on those very rare times I drag myself away.
There are sooooo many other things to stress about, my hobby should never be one of them.


  1. The bolding there at be end was an accidental format fail, but I'm going to leave it. That is the TL/DR of the whole post after all.

  2. Stress be gone! I hate when I get geared up over things even when I know I shouldn't. My ration mind KNOWS it's silly, but it can still be hard!! Have fun!! --Lisa

    1. Random nonsensical anxiety is a PITA, but I'm working in it!
      Having fun now, and even played with my new spindle guilt free today :)