Monday, September 16, 2013

Three for three!

That's right, I have managed to make it three weeks running with a finished project to show and tell. And I didn't even have to cheat and wait until like Thursday or Friday to post - IT'S MONDAY PEOPLE! I'm a day earlier than last week, go me!


My FO of the week is the first of two Ripley hats that I'm making for a coworker's daughter. This one is the slouchier version knit with Tosh Chunky in Cousteau -

Admittedly not the best shot, being a crappy cell phone selfie (and the fact my head is a smidge bigger than hers is thought to be) BUT proof positive I managed to start and finish something all in the same week.

I'm happy with the hat too, and am confident it'll be well appreciated by its new owner (and maybe I can get a much better picture of it then) The only issue with finishing a project so far ahead of the holiday deadline, is that I have to wait all that time for her to see it. Patience is not my best quality these days. Still, I'm very proud of myself that I actually accomplished something, and didn't end up adding to my pile of WIPs. A nice change from usual!


I like when I get to use nice yarn, but this is also a little dangerous because now I want more of the nice yarn for myself! My first Mad Tosh yarn was what I used for those pink armwarmers, and is one of my favorite things I've knit. The fingering weight yarn was great to work with, and the heavier weight yarn I picked for this hat didn't disappoint either. You see, the catch to me making the hats was that I got to pick the kind of yarn and then I just had to run the colors by her. I LOVED the blue/ green variations in this color. The pic above doesn't do it justice, but this gets a bit closer -

Beautiful yarn

I have a little yarn left over, maybe just enough for that cup cozy I'm always promising to knit for myself. I also will definitely be keeping this yarn in mind for next time I want to splurge on an actual project for myself.


My other accomplishment of the week was adding a good amount of knitting onto my (Green) Blue Day Socks. I'm almost to the heel now, but here's another one of those crappy cell pics from a little bit further back when I stopped to check the fit -

Unlike my picture, the sock itself is perfect. These are going to be super comfortable, I can already tell.


So that was my week, and now it's time to head back to my knitting.

Four for four in my next week's post? Maybe? A girl can dream!



  1. Those socks are ADORABLE!! I can totally tell they are going to be fabulous!-Ashley