Monday, September 2, 2013

Look - I actually can remember how to finish knitting things!

I just finished the Baby Merry Jane Booties for Scott and Ry's baby girl. Like I said in my last post, there really wasn't a rush because in addition to being a surprise gift, they also turned out much larger than expected. I ended up with what works out to be a size 4 (9-12 months) and so it's going to be a little while for she's rocking her new kicks!

No denying that they are cute though -

(Sneaky photo trick - stuffing with plastic sacks helps shape them, even if it is a bit more uneven than if they were being worn)


It seems that I wasn't the only one having a little trouble on the size, despite getting gauge. In fact, one knitter commented they must be designed for a baby Sasquatch. Maybe they aren't quite that bad, but still...I knit the smaller of the sizes AND went down a needle size on the shoe portion, and ended up with a definitely non-newborn size.

No matter, I strongly expect this and the other two patterns in the set will be my new go to baby gifts. They are just too cute! The only thing I plan to change for next time is that I will either knit it all with fingering weight or use the mods from Rav user evajae to try and make them actual newborn size.

I could have frogged and reknit as soon as I realized the sizing issues, but in this case I finished and am giving as is. I know the mom has a bunch of cute baby things already, and this will give the baby something cute for when she's starting to outgrow all of that.



  1. Those are ADORABLE!! They totally look like something out of a catalog! :)-Ashley

  2. Thanks! Good to hear, because I was shooting for a baby boutique looking prezzie :)